Louisiana Tech University

Graduated 11/2000


Bachelor's Degree

Industrial Engineering




Directional Drilling Supervisor

08/2011 – Present

Baker Hughes

Houston, Texas


Execute Directional Drilling plans and procedures, and provide professional services and advice to customers according to company plan. Supervise directional drilling operations on the rig site. Supervise the drilling process so that the desired directional well path and target objectives are achieved. Control well bore paths, figuring survey computations, bit hydraulics, rate of penetration, and bottom home assemblies. Maintain a complete listing of all directional tools and survey equipment on location, and days on location.


  • Career highlights include: Personally selling, negotiating, and managing +$20M customer for 3.5 years.
  • Supervised 10 - 12 Directional Drillers on 5 drilling rig locations.
  • Primary point of contact for well drilling optimization.
  • Highly experienced Directional Driller at operating the AutoTrak RSS directional assembly.
  • Lead trainer on the AutoTrak RSS during peak labor utilization years. Ex. 2012, 2013, and 2014.
  • Developed multiple innovative enhancements to the AutoTrak RSS that increased efficiency and accuracy of well bores.
  • Has drilled over 400 wells primarily utilizing the AutoTrak RSS, and various other directional assemblies
  • Easily interacts with Drilling Engineers, due to extensive knowledge of drilling concepts.
  • Continuous customer focus that communicates and identifies the primary task priorities to key stakeholders related to the drilling operations.


Directional Driller

05/2011 –08/2011

MS Energy Services

Fort Worth, Texas


Execute Directional Drilling plans and procedures, and provide professional services and advice to customers according to company plan. Control well bore paths, figuring survey computations, bit hydraulics, rate of penetration, and bottom home assemblies. Maintain a complete listing of all directional tools and survey equipment on location, and days on location.


  • Primarily performed directional services in the PA Marcellus Shale field, drilling Turnizontal and Straight Build wells on multi-well pad sites.
  • Performed directional services using Air Drilling techniques in the WV Marcellus Shale Field, drilling the top portion of Turnizontal wells prior to mud up.
  • Proficient in using WinSurv directional software and capable of manual calculations.
  • Assists Field Managers and Well Planners in developing plans and producing end of well reports.
  • Highly motivated and adaptable to strenuous environments that require long work hours.


Sr. MWD Engineer

09/2008 – 02/2011

MS Energy Services

Fort Worth, Texas


Provides on-site supervision of the Measurement While Drilling (MWD) process including tool preparations, data acquisition, log generation and Quality Control (QC), and delivery of the services to the customer. Provides technical and operational expertise to external customer in a professional manner. Performs assignments requiring knowledge and application of basic engineering and measurement while drilling principles. Maintains equipment inventory and supervises movement to and from well site. Checks equipment and advises repair requirements. Maintains computer database for on-going jobs; prepares job ticket, daily reporting and end-of-well reports. Proven competency in computer software. Requires ability to read and interpret formation well logs and interpret directional survey information and other well-site data.


  • As per MS Energy MWD Management, was the fastest field engineer to reach the Senior Engineer level from an entry level, in company history.
  • Was the primary Field Trainer for all new hires in 2010 – 2011.
  • Personally trained 24 new hires, out of 70 new hires in 2010 – 2011.
  • Was offered Field Support Supervisor position in 2010.
  • Was offered MWD Coordinator position for PA district in 2011.
  • Liaised with Directional Drillers and other wellbore construction stakeholders.


Production Maintenance Supervisor

08/2006 – 09/2008

Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

Fort Worth, Texas


Supervise a medium size group of employees involved in a skilled area of work, which involves the construction, repair, and maintenance of plant and equipment.  Oversees the fabrication, installation, modification, maintenance, and repair of mechanical equipment such as conveyor systems, production machinery, and other material-handling equipment used in fabrication, assembly, and other production functions.   Analyzes engineering sketches, specifications and related data, and drawings to determine design factors such as size, shape, and arrangement of parts.  Oversees the construction of machine and subassemblies considering such specifications as gear ratios, bearing loads, and direction of moving parts.


  • Coordination of Plant Engineering production maintenance personnel.
  • Establishes and monitors Maintenance and Reliability "Best" Practices.
  • Provides input into the development of the operating budget for production maintenance; orders materials and supplies; assists in the monitoring and tracking of expenditures for the department.
  • Provides input to the development of plans and oversees maintenance activities required to identify and correct root causes of equipment downtime.
  • Sets up and maintains a preventative maintenance program to insure thorough and regular inspection for all machines and equipment as well as proper lubrication and wearing of parts.
  • Ensures preventive and corrective maintenance procedures are complete and effective and all work is completed in a timely and correct manner with accurate documentation.
  • Participates in the selection of staff; performs periodic evaluations of subordinates and recommends and implements discipline as required.
  • Provides leadership to create an environment which fosters open communication, utilizes TQM principles and recognizes people as a critical resource.
  • Monitors and participates in the inspecting of projects, developing and implementing modifications and improvements, recommending specifications and scheduling for contractors, negotiating prices and inspecting contractor’s work to ensure that safe work practices and standard operating procedures are followed.
  • Identifies process improvements, and leads effort to follow through on implementation and validation.
  • Helps establish department goals and objectives and includes them in the performance standards of direct reports.
  • Foster cross shift maintenance communications and within shift communications with customer groups such as  Production and Quality.


Project Engineer I

10/2003 – 08/2006

Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

Fort Worth, Texas


Managed and assisted with capital projects related to Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Production, Compounding, and Facilities.


  • Documentation Development - FRS (Functional Requirements Specifications), CAR (Capital Appropriation Request), PO (Purchase Order), ECO (Engineering Change Order), Scope.
  • Primary focus on automation of manual or redundant processes utilizing innovation, timelines, budget control, project reporting, documentation revision, operations training, and post project support with a team focus approach.
  • Ability to translate functional needs into technical solutions. Strong organization and planning skills, ability to lead. Capacity for work - meeting deadlines. Diagnostic ability - ability to go to the core of the problem.


Sr. Production Supervisor

05/2001 - 10/2003

Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

Fort Worth, Texas


Supervised Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Production operations for 2nd and 3rd shifts.


  • Manage ASPEX Production to operate efficiently and to reduce costs and waste to produce favorable COGM, favorable non-standard costs, favorable expense and capital budget. Develop justifications and control overhead budgets, manpower requirements and labor standards to ensure cost control within production.
  • Manage tracking, evaluation and reporting of the Key Quality Indicator trends to determine need for corrective and preventative actions.  Implement corrective and preventative actions.  Manage performance and results in internal and external audits.
  • Assure all production employees have adequate training to ensure compliance to internal and external standards and to operate to maximum efficiency.  Oversee broad-banding activities.
  • Evaluate subordinate strengths and developmental needs and create developmental plans to compliment strengths and enhance needs.  Train Group leaders to evaluate and develop their subordinates.
  • Manage safe work environment and high safety record.  Prevent lost time accidents and minimize accident/incident OSHA Recordable Rate.


Project Engineer

02/2001 - 05/2001

Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

Fort Worth, Texas


Assisted in projects related to Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Production maintenance activities.


  • Developed production machinery changeover scheduling application for personnel allocation and production schedule optimization.
  • Assisted in CAD drawing revision and CAD documentation library management for facilities and As-Built drawings.


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